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The World’s First Portable Wireless Fast Charger

With the new iPhone devices joining the QI inductive charging technology, finding public charging sources or carrying one with you is inconvenient. Another key design advantage to CONNECT™ is that whether you are using iPhone X while your spouse uses a Galaxy S8 and your child an iPhone 7, you're now all able to use the same device to charge, play music, watch a video, transfer data and backup your phone using one a universal CONNECT™. 

miriQ CONNECT™ allows all leading mobile devices to communicate, transfer data and fast charge wirelessly and effortlessly. CONNECT™ put an end to a decade of cable conflict between Apple and Android devices, both of which requires different cables and plugs. Our patented CONNECT RING™ adapter not only eliminates the use cables but also enables you to keep your phone fully charged at all times!  



Whether at home, at the office, in the car, dinner with friends, or traveling abroad and anywhere in between, CONNECT™ allows you to stay connected with your world. CONNECT GO™ power bank is the first and only device in the world to include a Reversible USB for collecting battery power. The revolutionary advantage of CONNECT GO™ is its ability to recharge from any USB source worldwide while your phone remains in your possession at all time.



CONNECT™ is designed to save you money and help save the environment. Unlike traditional battery cases which require you to dispose of the old and buy new when upgrading to a new phone model, with CONNECT you don’t need to trash the battery part. Instead, all you'll need is a new CONNECT CASE for your new device while the CONNECT™ Power Bank remain in use. This results in saving money as well as contributing to the reduction of battery hazardous waste.

Data Transfer Connector

Wireless Charging

2750mAh Battery

Case Protection

Magnetic Adaptor

Power Indicator

Slim Features

Quality Materials

Our mission is to continue expanding miriQ ecosystem of connected devices which enhances your seamless experience of connecting with your world, such as CONNECT Car Mount™, Desk Mount, Solar Power accessory, just to name a few. 

We are are trying to change the world and your support means the world to us!

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Soft Touch

Kickstand Horizontal View

Sound Enhancement

Best Choice

Reversible USB

Travel Friendly


Vertical View

Audio Transfer Connector

Super Lightweight


Fast Charge

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